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Our Story


Our Story

Hello! My name is Miss Corazon and I am very excited to be the official mascot of Rio Roses’ beautiful Corazon rose! I would like to tell you my story of how my life began!

Rio Rose image

One day a very special gentleman called Victor Giorgini had travelled to South America to visit his farm in Ecuador. He took this trip frequently throughout the year to walk through his greenhouses to review his rose plants and check any new varieties his farm had been testing. He never had noticed me before since I was young and I had not bloomed yet. This trip was different, I had my very first bloom. Victor was stopped in his tracks as he saw me and called out to his farm partner that he had found within the test bed, an astonishingly beautiful red rose. He told Ricardo his farm partner that I was the one! He was so impressed with my pure red bloom and opening that he took a picture of me and shared it with his team in Miami. It was love at first sight.

Rio Rose

With over 60 years of floral experience combined, his team agreed that this red rose’s beauty was unmatched. Sure they had seen beautiful roses before but never had they seen a rose as stunning as me, Miss Corazon.

They said I had the perfect tone of red with a beautiful full opening! I was even more unique because of my extremely long vase life with few thorns and a touch of fragrance. I was the perfect rose!

Rio Rose

Victor and his team decided to plant 30,000 rose plants of me in their greenhouses and the rest of my story is history!


I am now currently grown in the North of Quito, Ecuador at the foot of the Cayambe Volcano, One of the best growing regions of the world!

Why Corazon


The Perfect Red

Rich and true.

Strong Straight Stems

Extra Large Blooms

Lush, Dark Green Foliage

Stems have few thorns

Blooms Open Fully

in 4-5 days

Superior Vase Life

Blooms last 8 plus days


corazón should always

be kept in their dry boxes until they are given to your customer so that they have an optimum experience with the roses.

If retailer requests processing

rose stems should be cut 1-2 inches and excess foliage should be removed below the water line of the vase/bucket

place corazón immediately

in cold water with proper dosage of hydration solution.

corazón roses processed

for retail florists should be delivered with hard-wraps on to protect the rose heads for at least 1-2 hours & for proper hydration of the stems and blooms.

Rio corazón roses should be kept dry

until you are ready to use them for your customer.

Day before using the corazón roses

cut 1 to 2 inches off bottom of stems using a sharp knife or clean cutter, remove foliage below the water line and place in hydration solution of choice in previously cooled water buckets 

place corazón roses in cooler

after roses sit for two hours and inner wrapping has been removed. This allows the roses to harden overnight.

On day of use

 re-cut stems 1 inch and put in preferred flower food solution, properly mixed or put in plain water for your customer.

Add flower food - new

and fill it half-way with cold water for improved hydration.


and fill it half-way with cold water for improved hydration.


foliage below the water line.


of the stem approximately 1.5 inches at an angle.

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